AHAHAHA... This is why I love fandom:

"...fandom seems to be coming up with weirder and weirder standards for fic, and they involve things like AVOIDING CLICHÉ and USING LUBE and being fair to all the characters in your canon, and not writing everyone as if this was a mills and boon, and WHAT? WHY? WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?"


Vid love and munchkins....

So I suck at memes- but a Vidding love meme sounds like a plan. A cunning plan! I'm not entirely sure I'm doing the meme- as that might involve doing something other than making a post. But I AM making a post- inspired by the meme. Bleh- I suck at LJ. No- I still don't really grok memes.

Anyhoo- one of the things I love about vids is watching them w/my nephews- ages 2.5 and 5. Here is the current 'Kids' playlist I have (it varies over time)- the list is superhero heavy. And they seem to go for live action over animated (alas- cause it's easier to find animated). To make the list- the kids have to love watching them over and over and over again. And since I have to watch them to? Ditto for me! Lord knows- I will NEVER put a vid I don't truly enjoy on the 'kids playlist'- as I know it would eventually drive me to smack myself in the head. With an ax.

As to the type of vids I like- I tend to go for vids that tell a story and that are slick and shiny and move a lot. Romance and character studies are not my thing. In other words, my taste is pretty similar to that of a 5 year old boy- except w/fewer fart jokes. With that in mind.....

THE CURRENT LIST (cited to the best of my ability w/out it being even more of a giant pita than it was):

Spider-man - 'The Origin' http://hitmanyr2k.com/Creativity8.htm
AJ Johnson

'Spiderman!' We yell 'spiderman' a LOT during this vid. The 2 year olds fav, I'd say. Very slick and slidy w/a couple of effects I really like. Basically- the origin story.

The Wizard of Oz - 'Video Killed the Radio Star' http://dualbunny.livejournal.com/118874.html

'CREAPY FLYING MONKEYS!' Jeebus- those damn monkeys scare me. Just a REALLY fun and well made vid to a great song choice. I tend to forget how strikingly beautiful that movie was. But I NEVER forget those damn monkeys.

Iron Man 'Let it Rock' http://www.advancediron.org/forums/index.php/topic,3126.msg35598.html#msg35598
Mister Anderson

The 5 year old's favorite- and my fav Iron Man vid. Not that I've like- seen many. But once I get a 'fav' for some fandoms, I don't really keep looking. It's cleverly edited- with some choices I wouldn't make but like all the more for that. There's this... I thought the vid was over, and when it kept going I thought they were dragging it out a bit more than was wise. And that bit? I thought gets a little shaky on POV. But then the way it ends is SO EXCELLENT that I can't complain. And then we all yell 'I AM IRON MAN' at the end as it fades to black. Which is- the coolest thing ever. Oh- but it does have a bit of cursing. One really distinct 'Bitch, what up'- but it fits the clip so perfectly I can't complain. Until the kids start going around saying 'Bitch what up'- at which point I'm erasing the vid and denying all knowledge. (Alas- the main thing keeping that wicked cool Dr. Who vid w/9 watching the TV vid off the list? Is the 'Fuck you very much' bit. HEE- which I love. And showed the kids. But kinda forgot just how much 'Fuck you very much' was repeated. And how catchy it was. And yea- I'm toast if the munchkins start singing 'Fuck you very much' in front of responsible adults (i.e., not me). Sigh. Where was I....)

Civil War - Multi-Source vid that basically tells the Marvel comics 'Civil War' story - http://community.livejournal.com/infectedframe/10410.html

SO VERY COOL! I don't read comics much now. OK- I read Sonic to the munchkin. But in general- I am not up on Marvel events. But I know 'Civil War' was about registering 'Super' folk and it caused a 'Civil War' and they killed Cap- you bastards! Which is all I really need to know to follow along (you kind of need to know that much). And we yell out each super hero's name as they go by- which is the best part. But seriously- very, very fun vid to watch and I dig the music and the way it tells a story (particularly difficult given the variety of sources).

Tron - 'Dscs OF Vlcty' http://www.youtube.com/user/MisterAnderson71
R. Anderson

TRON! Woot! Probably the perfect subject matter for a music vid. It is inherently shiny. And the vid itself is a nice overview of the story. The movie itself is a bit old for the kids still- doesn't quite hold their attention. The vid has no trouble in that regard. And the 2 year old always throws his arms up in victory at the end!

'Fringe' - 'Weird Science' http://starrylizard.livejournal.com/531919.html

We bop up and down to the bouncy song and scream (me) and make gagging noises (all of us) at the icky brains and goop and stuff. Kinda a little violent? Well the show would be too violent for them. But the vid is more gross out fun than scary.

Stargate - 'The itsy bitsy spider' http://www.trickster.org/vids/

This vid? Is a little scary! HEE- I love it so much. It has in turn been the favorite vid of each of the boys. And each has gone through a stage where it was a little too scary for them. Is weird. 'Climbed up on her hubby and bit him in the head....' Heh.

Due South - 'Icebound Stream' http://sisabet.livejournal.com/320165.html

Probably my personal favorite as I used to could count on it to put the little one to sleep (after it had looped 4-5 times). He finally caught on and refuses to lay in the bed when this one comes on. It is still well loved, though. 'POLAR BEARS!' we scream. We scream at vids a lot- in case you hadn't noticed. And no- I never watched Due South, and have no idea what happened on the show. But it's really easy to figure out (make up?) the story in this one. The boys will ask me what happened and I'll be 'You tell me- what's the story about?' And they do a very credible job. And if they still have questions- I just make something up! Woot!

Vids are love! Got any others you'd recommend for the small fry? Hook me up.

Funds for new service dog....

naamah_darling mentioned a while back that clayshaper (who I don't know) was in need of funds for his next service dog. I chucked in what I could and subscribed to Big Bertha's (his current service dog) journal. Which I recommend to any dog lover!

According to the latest news, which naamah_darling sums up here, they're still a couple hundred short. So I'm passing the word along in case anyone is in a position to help out.

Clayshapers's last 2 service dogs were rescues, and the first died far too young. Big Bertha's hanging in- but showing her age and some health issues that may relate back to her breeding and early life. In short- I totally understand why this time he's trying to go the much more expensive route of buying from a reputable breeder. Here's hoping he can make it happen.

And even if you don't have any cash to spare- Big Bertha's journal is priceless. As are the pics on Clayshaper's journal of the new pup! ;)

Fannish navel gazing...

I was pondering the things that give me that 'fannish jolt'- and why my favorite characters to be FANNISH about are always men. And they are, to date, always men.

I like a lot of books/shows/characters that I'm not fannish about. By fannish- I mean I spin out stories about them in my head, I seek fanfic, I want to discuss them on message boards.

There's a particular character type that most of my OTC's fall into (and that's key to me feeling fannish about the source)- the damaged, dangerous, borderline psycho who manages to hold it together (and not destroy worlds) generally due to their 'one true love'. And what I really enjoy reading? Is that OTC getting their ass kicked a lot and still holding it together. What I don't like? Is if that character is a woman.

Er- RivkaT's Incarnadine (SV- Clex) is a good example. Which I'm going to spoil the hell out of- so be warned.

Collapse )

Imagine a world w/out publishers....

Hee- just kinda amused me up. Browsing FW's 'Amazon Does Something Stupid ....' post and surfing the links. And yep- I have wondered why ebooks are pricier than paperbacks. Granted- it's partly cause I just LIKE physical books. The way they look, smell, fit in my hand. Eh- I read more than I like from a screen as it is. Which is not to say I can't see some appeal- I'm just... not going to pay much for it. Not if I can get a 'real' book for the same cost.

So anyway- curious and link surfing and skimming through 'Amazon & Macmillan' blog post and in the comments:

I think these people underestimate the value of publishers as a filter, and the work they do in whipping promising manuscripts into shape. Imagine browsing Amazon in a world where they didn't exist--every reader sifting through a giant slushpile to find a few gems, and even then they'd be unedited and uncorrected and most of the covers would look like vanity-published jobs...

Hee- yes, I can imagine that all too easily. And it's kinda wonderful in it's own way.

That said- I'm happy to pay for books, cause it helps my favorite writers write instead of... whatever they'd have to do all day to put food on the table otherwise. There's fanfic I'd pay to read. And then there's fanfic I'd pay other people to warn me not to!

Bwah- I fail at Catholic....

Hee. Random drive-bye. A friend was showing me a beta webpage which had some ads on it. It's a religious site, and one ad has the Pope on it. It's actually labeled 'the Pope' or something, so I know that's who it is. Otherwise, not so much.

I'm all like 'Holly Crap! The Pope really looks a LOT like Ed Asner!'

And then I click through and find out it was an ad for a movie where Asner plays the Pope.

So really- I guess the Pope (whichever one this was about) probably doesn't look like Ed Asner's twin brother.

I'm kinda bummed about that.